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Oster Quarry Project

Massillon, Ohio

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September 2017 (20 working days)

Energy Transfer Partners





Stabilize 16,640 cubic yards of contaminated drilling mud with cement.

A major drilling company hauled drilling mud from many locations in Ohio into an old gravel pit near Massillon, Ohio. The company did not realize the material was contaminated. The Ohio EPA inspected the site and determined that the material was contaminated and ordered the company to stabilize the material and haul it to a suitable landfill. They further ordered that the company cease all drilling activity in Ohio until the situation was rectified. The picture (top left) shows the site before work started. The water was pumped off.

ISS started along the truck road on the bottom of the photo (top right), which is on the west side of the site. The sludge was shallow at first but became steadily deeper as the work moved to the east. At the extreme east side it was 14’-15’ deep. Hauling the stabilized material began as soon as there was room enough to work. A 10% ratio of cement to sludge was used as a mix design. This enabled the Lang Tool Dual Axis blender to work on the material 24 hours after it was stabilized using one timber mat under the front of the tracks. The work used an average of 120 tons/day of Portland cement.

Aerial Overview Video

Aerial Mixing Video

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