Project Description

Former MGP Site

Claremont, New Hampshire

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July 2015



Enviro-Air Technologies, Inc.
GEI Consultants, Inc.



Perform 3,845 cubic yards of ISS at the former MGP Site

The consultant originally specified a mix design of 10% Portland cement, 10% ground granular blast furnace slag and 2% bentonite. Lang Tool Co. reviewed the lab report and determined there was a very good possibility that 15% cement would pass the performance criteria. LTC, working with Enviro-Air Technologies, proposed the alternate mix design with a $65,000 reduction in the cost if the alternate was excepted. Samples were collected on site and sent to a lab for testing. The tests showed that the 15% cement-only mix design would meet the performance criteria. LTC performed the work and all tests taken on-site met the performance criteria. The site soil was extremely wet.

“I worked with Lang Tool on the remediation of a former manufactured gas plant in New Hampshire during the summer of 2015. The site was adjacent to a river and included a former mill tailrace that had been filled in. The bulk of the soil being stabilized was inside of the former tailrace, which was acting as an underground river. To say that water was an issue would be an understatement. The Lang Remediation Blender performed exceptionally in these extremely wet conditions. In fact, the decision was made in the field to increase the area being stabilized so as to use the process as a form of water control for the excavation areas. With the increased stabilized area they still finished ahead of schedule.”

– Dave O’Donnell with GEI Consultants

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